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GROOVE version 4.3.0 released

Today GROOVE version 4.3.0 was released. You can get it from the Downloads page.

This version introduces a very important change: the graph layout information is no longer stored in a separate .gl file but is instead kept in the .gxl file. NOTE THAT THIS CHANGE IS NOT BACKWARD COMPATIBLE! A dialog will pop-up when opening old grammars in the new version of the Simulator, showing the options to convert the grammar. Since the new converted grammar cannot be opened in older versions of GROOVE, users are strongly advised to use the ‘Save as’ option. This allows them to keep two copies of the grammar in different versions, in case there is a need to go back to a previous version of GROOVE.

The other changes in this release include:

– Bug fixes
– Added prefixes “id:” and “color:” for rule node identities (in preparation of improvement in attribute specification), and node type colouring.
– Improved the input of formulas in model checking and also the result dialog.
– Selection and editing modes in the Editor are merged.

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