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GROOVE version 4.5.0 released

GROOVE version 4.5.0 was released. You can get it from the Download page.

Apart from the bug fixes, the changes of this version are:

  • Grammar resources must now be named by a valid identifier: spaces are no longer allowed. Increased grammar version to 3.1.
  • Several performance improvements in neighbourhood abstraction (ShapeGenerator).
  • Added multiplicity check in typing.
  • Enabled loading and saving of host graphs, rules and type graphs in subfolders.
  • Multiple start graphs can now be enabled and are merged in the initial state.
  • Start graphs are now stored in the grammar properties.
  • GUI improvements:
    • Display of host graphs is now layered.
    • New find/replace dialog (shortcut Ctrl+F).
    • LTS panel can be completely disabled to allow exploration of large state spaces in the Simulator while avoiding rendering performance problems.
    • Edges with same label going back and forth from node pairs are now rendered as a single bi-directional edge. Controlled by an option in View menu.
    • Added button to collapse all nodes of the trees.
    • Traces that are explicitly selected in the LTS are now also visualised in the rule tree.
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