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GROOVE version 4.4.2 released

Today GROOVE version 4.4.2 was released. You can get it from the Download page.

Apart from the bug fixes, the new features of this version are:

  • The default exploration strategy is now a grammar property, and can be set through the exploration dialog.
  • Node colours were extended beyond the type graph:
    * Specify color:name in a rule to change the colour upon rule application.
    * Specify color:name in a host graph to set the initial colouring.
    These colours supersede any colouring specified in the type graph.
  • Nodified edges are now rendered as a small dot to improve visualisation.
    Use the new prefix ‘edge:’ in a node of the type graph to indicate that the
    node type represents an nodified edge.
  • New textual syntax for attribute manipulation. There are two new prefixes:
    * ‘test:’ that specify a condition for a rule to be applied.
    * ‘let:’ that can be used in rules to modify attributes and in host graphs to
    set the attribute values.
    (See this example grammar for a sample on how to use this new attribute syntax.)
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