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GROOVE version 4.4.0 released

Today GROOVE version 4.4.0 was released. You can get it from the Download page.

This is a major update version, with many changes in the tool set, namely:

  • Bug fixes.
  • Major refactoring of the package to provide better import/export functionality to external formats.
  • Integration of a Prolog interpreter into the Simulator.
  • Unified syntax for LTL and CTL formulas.
  • Writing to stdout supported through ‘printFormat’ rule property.
  • Forall quantifiers now support counting.
  • Edges with especial label ‘or:’ can be used to connect distinct NACs.
  • Conditional existential quantifiers (prefix existsx:).
  • Help documentation integrated in the Simulator for all editable elements of a grammar.
  • Major refactoring of the Simulator with many improvements on the GUI.
  • The graph editor is fully integrated in the Simulator and is no longer provided as an stand alone tool (Editor.jar no longer exists).
  • A state space exploration can now be played as an animation.
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